Every day around 3:00, Mya starts saying things like “Where’s Daddy?”, “When is Daddy coming home?”, “I miss Daddy,” “Mama, I’m so sick and tired of looking at your mug all day.” Ok, she’s never said that last one; but I can read between the lines!

Yes, the love that she has for her Dad is pretty beautiful; and I have to admit I haven’t been a super fun parent with things like, “Mya, can you be quieter while I try to get your sister to sleep?” Buuuut one of the things that I try to do everyday to up my fun factor is include her in the kitchen. Mya has always loved to help with household chores– her favorites being windexing the windows, sweeping, “organizing” her stuffed animals and doll house, putting dishes away, and cooking. Here are some of our favorite things that we play with (or want to play with) in our kitchen:


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1. When guests come over, Mya makes espressos with this coffee maker. But since I never acquired a grown-up palate for coffee, she always makes me tea instead. Such an accommodating hostess.

2. Did you see this Happy Mat on Shark Tank? The gal didn’t acquire a deal because she gave her company a $20,000,000 evaluation and only offered 5% equity. So yeah– no deal, lady. Apparently she’d never watched the show before. Sheesh. But the product is cool.

3. My Mom picked up one of these ice trays for us from HomeGoods. She had the genius idea to use it as a portable snack container. We just packed up for a trip to Omaha and filled it with nuts, craisins, cheerios, and choco chimps. Mya had to have that last item because of the crazed monkey picture on the box. She’s SO her father’s daughter!

4. We mix everything in these. Fun colors for the kids with practical stacking for storage. Dishwasher safe. NOT microwave safe.

5. The Sugarbooger brand– hands down the best silverware for kids. Each fork and spoon comes with a plastic case for easy travel. And the sippy cup (without lid) has been dubbed Mya’s chocolate milk cup. Super cute designs range from retro robots to hedgehogs.

6. Mya had hers first. Then I had to copy and get mine. It doesn’t leak, the straw has an easy flow, and it keeps her water nice and cool for a long time.

7. A reusable coloring placemat? Yes please.

8. Mya used to use these soft snap bibs. But Leah might need to tryout the new bandana bib.

So after Derek comes home and Mya runs to him screaming “Daddy’s home! Daddy’s home! Daddy’s home!”, she humors me and spends some quality time with just me in the kitchen.


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