Growing up, one thing that my Mom always had my brother and me do was write thank you’s. Initially, I thought it was a drag because there were soooo many to write after birthdays and Christmas. (I know, what a spoiled brat, right?!) But somewhere along the way I really liked the task because writing became therapeutic to me… and who loves getting snail mail?! The answer is everyone. When you open your mailbox and find something special in between the Aldi ad and the water bill, you most definitely smile.

I always want Mya to be grateful and aware of the thoughtfulness of each gesture and gift that comes her way. In an effort to achieve this, I have adopted my Mom’s thank you note philosophy. And thus far, Mya looooooves “making letters” for her special people. Last week, we made these simple and sweet ice cream thank you’s.


I had picked up this banner kit from Paper Source. But since we didn’t have a birthday party in the near future and Mya didn’t want an ice cream banner in her room, we went a different route. We laid them all out and Mya decorated each cone with markers and do-a-dot paint. A super simple activity yielding a super sweet result.

colored paper
ice cream kit
do-a-dot paint
black sharpie marker
glue stick and/or double sided tape

(Or you can just skip all the above items and print out some free printables to color– keep scrolling down to find links!)



Once Mya decorated each cone, we slapped them on some colored pieces of paper and I wrote things like “You’re the cherry on top,” “You’re as sweet as ice cream,” “You’re yummy!” or just a simple “We love you,” or “Thank you.”

MyasCone2We used the kit from Paper Source, but it was nothing more than perforated paper shapes that you pop out and glue together. It saved us some time of cutting out the shapes, but I wanted to create something to use in the future… and for you guys in case you too want to color some ice cream thank you’s!

Click HERE and HERE for your free printables!


These could be great for end-of-year teacher thank you’s. Perhaps with an attached gift card to Dairy Queen? Their “Choco Cherry Love” Blizzards have been calling my name ever since I discovered Leah doesn’t like me eating dairy! But I forgive her.

And while we’re on the subject of sweet treats: Mya Marie turned 3 1/2 this week. Our little fireball is getting more witty, intuitive, and feisty every day. She’s basically growing up entirely too fast for my licking liking.


Don’t forget to pin for later! Have a great week everyone!

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    Great Nana
    May 15, 2016 at 6:53 PM

    You were and still are good at sending thank you’s. Teaching your children well😍

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