Derek’s headed to Colorado for a hiking trip with his brothers over Fathers’ Day weekend. I’m definitely happy that he’s finally able to get in some guy time– we all know he’s usually surrounded by us girls! But we will certainly miss him on his special day. I guess it’s buying us some time to get his gifts in order to celebrate after-the-fact. I threw together some fun guy finds to help with your Dad shopping. Some we have tried and tested. Some are current desires. And #3 is something we would never use, but it’s still cool.


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1. I found this magnetic stud finder awhile back because Derek would always get super annoyed with the electronic ones. It locates the studs by finding the metal nails within the framing. My only suggestion is to hover it close to the wall while locating the studs (don’t drag it across the surface), so you won’t mark up your wall.

2. Have I professed my love for all Kiehl’s products enough?! This “Ultimate Man” body scrub soap exfoliates with bran and oatmeal. It’s subtle scent is refreshing and not at all overpowering. It lasts a long time which justifies the cost. But Derek has also used this soap bar from Trader Joe’s, which is a bit more economical– even more so if you can buy it in-store because we get it for $2.99.

3. I say “we would never use this” because Derek doesn’t play the guitar. So we don’t really have the need for diy guitar picks. But it’s still a sweet invention. And maybe Derek will want to make guitar pick pendants or key chains one day. You never know. You gotta be prepared.

4. These undershirts are uh-mazing– so soft, so light, and they minimize the sweat factor. I usually buy them on sale.

5. This is a current desire. Derek’s wedding ring has never really fit him. In the winter, it just slides right off his finger. But since it’s tungsten carbide, we can’t get it resized. These Qalo rings seem to be a great alternative to the active individual.

6. Okay, what’s so exciting about this chip clip? Not a ton. But I personally guarantee your complete satisfaction with these babies. No more “awe maaaannn… the bag never sealed and now my pretzels are stale” moments. The struggle was real; but not anymore!

7. Vibrant dress socks seem to be a staple accessory for the businessman. A fun way for a guy to accessorize.

8. Who wants a quick-and-easy way to make hot breakfast sandwiches in the morning? The answer is “every man.” Slap an english muffin, an egg, some meat, and cheese in this thing and it cooks it all under 5 minutes. And if he’s really hungry, get him the dual version. Just remember your 20% off coupon at Bed Bath and Beyond!

There you have it. I hope this helps with your guy gift ideas. What’re some of your favorite manly finds? You can also check out our Dads’ Day gift guide from a couple years ago. Happy shopping!

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