Leah turns 7 months TODAY! That’s right. I’m actually posting on her month birthday… instead of two weeks after-the-fact. Nevermind there hasn’t been any other activity on the ol’ blog since her last monthly check-in. Too many summer activities I guess… and I’ve been a bit preoccupied kissing this girl’s big cheeks and rollie pollie legs. #priorities #momlife


  • Prefers to sleep on belly. We flip her over on her back, but she usually finds her way back to her belly.
  • Now always rolls to her right side when we lay her down to sleep. (As opposed to last month’s left side.)
  • Sometimes rides in the Bob on walks.
  • Chews on my chin.
  • Loves other real babies, baby dolls, sucking on the nose of a big Minnie Mouse stuffed animal, and her jungle play mat (an older version of this one).
  • Does not like the hour drive back from Topeka. She screams the entire ride home. And Mya sleeps through it all.
  • When Mya is away (recently at NanaPapa’s or bird camp), Leah stares at various pictures of Mya around the house with the biggest eyes and smile.
  • Always has to know what Mya is doing. Always wants to hold what Mya is holding.
  • When she wants something (a person or toy), she stretches out all her limbs in front of her and clenches her fists.
  • Appreciates any new toys, but especially these grapes, this spoonthis music player, my Lokai bracelet, and Mya’s toothbrush.
  • Gets so big-eyed with books, especially this high contrast one.
  • First time in a baby swing.
  • Started using a walker, in which Mya loves pushing her around.
  • Eats bananas, avocados, and these first puffs.
  • Sometimes only wakes up once a night (around 3 AM); but other times wakes up three times (around 10:45, 1:30, and 4:00).
  • Bedtime averaging around 7 PM. Awake at 6 AM.
  • Dives her head into you when she wants a hug.
  • “Walks” alternating use of her right foot and left foot.
  • Rolls all over in her crib. Derek calls her “Houdini” because she often manages to hide in the spots where the monitor can’t see her.


Happy hump day! The goal is to get back on here by the end of the week. I have so many posts written in my head. But somehow each day the house gets turned upside down with toys and dishes and it’s everything in my power to get it cleaned up before it happens all over again. #whatelseisnew #crymeariver 😛

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    July 27, 2016 at 8:02 AM

    Happy Birthday Leah Lynn. She looks just like her sissy!!!

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    July 27, 2016 at 8:26 AM

    What a cutie. Thanks for posting the pictures and the update. I enjoy reading them.

  • Reply
    Great nana
    July 27, 2016 at 11:44 AM

    Happy 7 month Birthdat Leah. You are more beautiful as each moth goes by. Love and adore you. 😇❤️

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