Mya had bird camp last week, which means they made some bird crafts, listened to bird calls, read bird books, and sang bird songs… which– for all of you who know Mya just a little bit– couldn’t be more perfect for our outdoorsy girl. It seems Mya’s birdie obsession started even before her first birdday party! (Ahhhh– looking back at those pics, I canNOT believe how much my girls look alike!) So in the spirit of the bird, I must share some bird finds and a fun story with you guys…


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First, the story… A couple months ago, Mya was standing at the screened sliding back door and talking through it to the birds and squirrels. We have a bird feeder out back, so she was telling them “good morning.” I had to run upstairs for something and heard her through an open window up there. Her little voice projecting outside to the animals was so sweet, innocent, and pure. Thus, the only logical thing to do was to impersonate a bird she was addressing. So that’s what I did. Little did I know that “Cameron” the bird would stick around for quite awhile. Warning: you might pee yourself from laughing so hard at this video. Also warning: Please excuse my overacting and frumpy pajama chore day attire. 😛

I started to feel kinda bad when Mya began walking around the yard yelling “Cammmrrrennn?! HELLO?! Cammrrrrrreennnn?!” I didn’t want the neighbors actually thinking we were looking for a lost animal or child; so I ended up telling Mya that it was me making the voice of Cameron. But she, of course, didn’t believe me. Or didn’t want to believe me. So the thought of Cameron stuck around.

Then a couple weeks later, karma got the best of me and the real Cameron came into our lives. An Eastern Bluebird started pecking at all our first floor windows and would not stop. Every day he came back and fluttered right up to the windows and then back down to rest, only to repeat this over and over. At first, I thought it was cute and hilarious. Then I was annoyed because he crapped on everything. He did this for a good month and now his sightings are becoming more scarce. And I miss him.


So I guess Mya has made us bird watchers around here. She’s always the first one to notice that the birder needs more seed and recognizes the different kinds of birds that frequent our yard. None of them are as beloved as Cameron, but she adores them all. And now for the cool bird stuff that we currently admire…

1. This hummingbird feeder gets five stars from me. It has successfully attracted hummingbirds, which we otherwise hadn’t seen in our yard before. When I first witnessed a hummingbird out the window at this feeder, I might has well have seen a unicorn… because it was that magical.

For the nectar, I use this powder and just mix with water.

2. I heart Charley Harper. Not the “Two and a Half Men” bowling shirt-wearing Charlie Harper. But the Charley Harper artist behind so many colorful, geometric animals. I am guilty of buying this puzzle, these postcards, and many of his books– this one and this one are a few of my faves. How do we not have this bird one yet?!

3. How cute is this bird tray from Ikea? We have one for Mya’s art desk to catch kinetic sand and slime. And we use another one for our tea parties/ picnics on the floor.

4. A couple weeks ago, I was having an off day. Like one of those days where I felt like I handled every parental situation wrong because my tank was on empty. Derek had just gotten home from work and was outside with the girls. I was inside cooking dinner and got a text from my sweet friend Angela saying there was something on our front porch. It was this shirt and this Mama (me!) started crying some happy tears. Because– for whatever reason– this t-shirt made everything right. In that moment, it helped put into perspective all of what matters most in my life– my role as “Mama Bird.”

5. For the lego and bird obsessed.

6. This watch is for the super classy bird lady.

7. Mya first had this bird mobile in her room; and now it’s Leah’s. Just colorful, simple, and fun.

8. My parents have a lot of turkeys that frequent their yard. So whenever Mya visits, she loves collecting their feathers with Nana. And because of this ritual, Mya and Nana are a bit feather obsessed. I recently found this little purse with a feather print on it for Mya. (Ssshhh… she has to wait until her birthday… in November!) It is super durable and I think she will love it. And if I were also to get a feather gift for mi madre, this necklace is simple and sweet.

9. Artist Pete Cromer creates whimsical ink and paper pieces of various subjects. I love all of his limited edition prints, but the kookaburra is currently my fave. I’ve been following his success and– within just the last year– his pieces have gone from $50 to $95. They are in demand, so get ’em while they’re hot!

Hope you enjoyed our birdie shenanigans. I’ll be watching that video for many years to come. Not sure Mya will always appreciate my antics, but I’m going to pretend that she will. 😉

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    August 2, 2016 at 8:07 AM

    LOVE!!! Oh could we just stop her from getting bigger! She’s so precious!!!! Great pic of the bird in your window, too. Great start to my day!

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    Great Nana
    August 2, 2016 at 11:02 AM

    Sweet Mya and her precious lmagination. She has loved birds since her birdie themed birthday party. Such a happy love love her❤️

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    August 2, 2016 at 1:06 PM

    You guys are the best parents!

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