These monthly Leah posts are the only thing keeping me somewhat up-to-date on here. Hopefully you’re not getting tired of them! 😛 This last month was the first time I recognized Leah having her own little sense of humor and feisty side: Mya was brushing her teeth on her stool in front of the sink and I was holding Leah behind her. Leah turned off the light with her left hand, then pulled Mya’s hair with her right hand. Mya said “Ow, Leeeaaahh!” with a smile and turned on the light. Leah then looked at herself in the mirror and laughed. Then Leah again turned off the light with her left hand and pulled her sister’s hair. This sequence happened three times. It would’ve probably gone on longer, but I didn’t want the laughs to turn into a Leah fist full of Mya’s hair.


  • Waves to Dada every morning from the front porch as he drives off to work. Sometimes she says “Buh buh buh buh,” which is her “bye bye.”
  • Bottom two front teeth are visible. Seems to be working on the top two.
  • Likes the sound of a harmonica, attempting to eat windows and mirrors, grabbing Dada’s scruffy face, and me holding her all the time.
  • Likes chewing on the following: a play food piece of lettuce, this caterpillar‘s purple felt feelers, a honeycomb silicone oven trivet like this one, and all of Mya’s toys.
  • Favorite food: banana. She eats an entire one in one sitting.
  • One day she was “walking” around with my help and led me to the kitchen, looked up at the fruit basket of bananas and wouldn’t take her big eyes off them. She started jibber jabbering with outstretched limbs until I peeled one and fed it to her.
  • Loves her cookie monster with his soft eyeballs.
  • Growls when she wants something. Also sometimes when she’s tired.
  • Has short maniacal giggles that she repeats and repeats. We call it “the Joe” laugh because it sounds like our friend Joe’s laugh.
  • Burps twice after every feeding.
  • Snorts when she laughs hard.
  • Scrunches up her whole face and breathes fast through her nose. (See below: top middle pic.)
  • When she is crying and I pick her up to calm her, she quickly stops crying and fake coughs. Drama queen.
  • When she wakes up from nap, she always stares at something on the shelves by her crib until I pick it up (usually a little soft dolly or stuffed animal). I give it to her and she grabs it so tight with clenched fists, holds it close to her body, and burrows her face in it.
  • Uses her walker to make way for Mya’s littlest pet shop toys on a bottom shelf. Then drools all over every animal.
  • Smiles and lunges for our family pictures on the fridge when I’m getting her teether out of the freezer.
  • Whenever I walk down the stairs with both girls (I’m holding Leah and Mya is walking), Leah and I go first and wait on landing and main floor for Mya to jump off the last steps. Leah cracks up super loud every time.
  • Sometimes only wakes up at 9:45 PM and 3:30 AM; but usually takes us multiple attempts to get her to sleep.
  • Naps a couple hours after waking up and then again early afternoon. Naps are short– usually only 30 minutes, but sometimes 1.5 hours.
  • Bedtime averaging around 6 PM. Awake by 5 AM.
  • Still needs help sitting up without toppling over.
  • Rolls everywhere and pushes with her arms to scoot backwards.


Only one more day ’til the THREE day weekend, friends! Have a great one.

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    Jo Ann
    September 1, 2016 at 2:22 PM

    Precious, sweet Leah!

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    September 1, 2016 at 9:54 PM

    Where is Leah Lynn is the family picture, upper right hand corner of “the mad creative” home page?!

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