This week was the first in a long time where we had some productive days. Like I actually went to the grocery store and made some dinners. And both girls aren’t coughing. And staying indoors hasn’t resulted in meltdowns. And I’m finally getting around to posting Christmas. So yeah, bring on the prospected ice storm, weatherman. You can’t bring us down. Santa might bring Leah down, but she’s safe for another 11 months.

As most years, Christmas for us meant time at home, Topeka, Wamego, and Omaha over the course of a couple weekends. A whirlwind of family, food, and way too many gifts. Mya got her requested “lego table” from Santa and I got my hammock. Derek said he’d set up the hammock stand in the basement so I didn’t have to wait until Spring. I don’t think I’ll hold him to that, but come May you can find me lounging, watching Leah chase Mya around the yard.

Lots of pictures for lots of memories. And since I can barely remember what we did yesterday, I need the pictures to remind me of these magical times. Ice storm or not, I’m looking forward to being stuck at home all weekend. We stocked up on some craft supplies and projects to keep us busy, so it will be a pajama-wearing, soup-making, bread-baking kind of wonderful. Have a cozy weekend, friends!

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