So this weekend’s “treacherous” ice storm seemed pretty tame to me. Although we didn’t attempt to leave the house, so I don’t really know. We did lots of crafts (this stepping stone was Mya’s favorite), experimented (with this science kit), played board games (this Monopoly Junior set was a huge hit!), continued on our mission to declutter, and tried some new recipes (and will definitely be making this General Tso’s Chicken again.) I also got cozy with my laptop by the fire in front of some mindless TV– I think this should become a regular thing… and so here’s some of our current faves:

Any of these PJs on major sale. I grabbed some more matching pairs for the girls for next winter. You know, just 11 months in advance because these babies are the girls absolute faves. And I will dress them matchy matchy for as long as I can. And if I knew they would wear these hats, I would grab a couple… because 1. huge pom and 2. they’re only $6!

Baking these almond flour cookies weekly. I use half the butter and they’re so addicting.

Loving this French Cade Lavender candle. So much. Shop Anthro’s sale and use code TAGTIME to get another 40% off the sale price!

It’s kind of ridiculous how much more “put together” I feel with these three baskets in my life. But anything that glorifies the act of folding and sorting clothes is a winner.

Watching “A Dolphin Tale.” Three times this week. Mya is obsessed. Hoping Derek has a trip to Tampa soon, so the girls and I can bum some free flights with his miles and meet Winter the dolphin.

Have a great week, friends!

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