Well that weekend went by entirely too fast. My Dad came in with an under cabinet water heater (this one in case you’re in the market) and I couldn’t say I knew what the project entailed except that it means our pipes won’t be prone to freezing anymore. Which will beat thawing them out with a hairdryer in the morning. I also couldn’t say I was much help with the installation, except for keeping the girls occupied. It was hard work coloring, playing board games, building legos, and hosting tea parties.

Mya’s now sleeping on this toddler pillow and she loves it. And I had to get her this pillowcase because… Charley Harper. Mya claims that the koala bears are her and Leah, so it obviously justifies the entire purchase.

OPI’s Lucky Lucky Lavender nail color. I seldom put a color on my fingernails, but this is subtle, soft, and sweet.

Fact: the Danes are the happiest people in the world. Reading “The Danish Way of Parenting” and gaining some tools. Halfway through and enjoying it all.

Looking forward to getting “It Takes Two” in the mail. Definitely one of my faves growing up. Can’t wait to watch it with Mya.

Reading our favorite heart books and started making Valentines. It reminded me of our graham cracker love shack from a couple years ago. Since Mya loved licking that so much, it seems like a pretty good excuse to make something with frosting and candy.

Happy week, friends!

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  1. Whenever Gpa Bill came to visit, he always left our house in better shape than he found it. One year, he installed lights all along the driveway. It must be a Giroux thing.

  2. Yeah, Dad (Gpa Bill) was a master of all things broken or improvement of the status quo. No project was to big. I miss him so much and am so blessed he enriched me my life with how to fix things (or in my case, try to).

    1. You are definitely carrying on Gramps’s legacy of improving everyone’s lives and mentoring us on everything DIY. And we have a pretty good lookin’ tool supply because of you. 💙

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