Over half way to the weekend and that’s definitely a reason to celebrate. It’s been meltdown city over here because Derek’s been traveling. And Leah wanted to play with Mya’s stuffed dog. So yeah, it’s been pretty traumatic. I’m soooo looking forward to the weekend for one huge reason: Derek and I are going to Manhattan to celebrate our anniversary… kid free! It’s our first time away together since Leah was born and I canNOT wait! I’m already stupid anxious about being away from Leah for the first time overnight, but I know she’ll be more than okay at NanaPapa’s. But until our little weekend getaway, I’m choosing to forget things like Mya poking Leah in the eye and focus on sweeter moments like Mya pushing a pillow up by the window, just so Leah could see outside.

“Good vibes” is my current mantra, so this shirt is calling my name.

I might be 5+ years behind everyone else and the essential oils craze, but I went to an introductory class, got the starter kit, and have been diffusing ever since. I don’t know enough to “sell” you on it, but I will say that our house smells amazing. My friend Emily does know a lot, so if you’re interested, just shoot me an email at holler@theMADcreative.com and I’ll send you her info.

Follow @stevint on instagram. Every one of his photos gives me peace… and makes me want to travel the world. And then Derek would tell you to follow @pickle.the.pig because of this video alone. He’s trying to train Leah to do the same. Oof.

Only the funniest cookbook of all time. I seriously laugh every time I read it. I guess it’s all good until Mya can read and then we won’t be able to cook together while using it.

Reading this book and this book to Leah all. the. time. We got them for Mya because they’re much more her age, but for whatever reason, Leah is hooked on them. She’ll sit with me in the beanbag for a legit 45 minutes soaking it all in. And if I don’t fall asleep… she’s totally happy. 😉

Good vibes, friends. Good vibes.

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    Great Nana
    March 2, 2017 at 4:49 PM

    Have a great get away. Celebrating a little early while you can get a sitter huh?enjoy. You guys deserve it. An awesome couple and wonderful parents. ❤🍷

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