I’m embarrassed to even admit this, and even though I’m exposing my absent mindedness, here we go: Recently, I left my pocketbook– containing all my credit cards, ID, ev-er-y-thang–  in a shopping cart, left the store, and only realized I’d lost it until the next morning. Twice. And both times– by some grace of God– two beyond kind strangers turned them in to lost-and-found; and I’m wondering how I could get so lucky. Moral of the story: I need to get my $hit together and I need to use a bag that I wear… so that maybe I won’t leave it in a shopping cart. :/

And as I packed yesterday for a 3 day trip with the girls, it got me to think about what I really need and want in my every day mom bag. Diapers and wipes and tissues are of course the must-haves. But here are some recent finds that might make days a bit easier, prettier, more fun, and organized.

wooden matching game || EO hand sanitizer || colorful clutch || thermos water bottle || GoStak containers || Kiehl’s lip balm || black diaper backpack

There was a time (circa 4 years ago when Mya was an infant), I would pack a huge plastic baby tub and walker for road trips. Those times have changed, but Derek still gives me grief about taking that tub. 😛 What can I say, I was a new Mom and I was just trying to make things easier. But now– most of the time– I realize that traveling with less is a helluva lot smoother. Plus, Leah’s getting to the age where I really don’t need to tote around a lot. Insert the Vauva diaper backpack, since I’m not quite ready to sport the fannypack. (Even though Dad, you always made it look cool on our family vacations.) The “minimalist diaper bag” is something Derek wouldn’t mind wearing and I would use it years down the road. So here’s to hoping this bag will solve the pretty huge problem of leaving personal belongings in shopping carts.

What are your Mom bag must-haves? We would love to know!

Congrats to PC from NE for winning the $50 GoldyBelle gift card.

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