5 KID YOGA POSES with JoBea Kids

We might not always stick to a schedule around here, but we’ve got our morning routine down: The girls wake up by 6:30, we play and eat, then send Daddy off with his peanut butter and jelly breakfast sandwich. Derek feeds each girl a bite of it and kisses them goodbye for the day. Then the girls rush to the front door, Mya whips it open, and they wave and blow him kisses as Derek pulls out of the drive and down the street. It’s pretty much the most adorable thing ever. We’ve had a couple neighbors tell us they see the sendoff every day and I’m glad we have them fooled as totally calm, cool, and collected. Little do they know that when the door shuts, Mya usually has a meltdown of how she already misses Dada and Leah resumes banging on the pantry door for more food. But recently, the one thing that has been the best distraction from this and starts our girl days off strong are little yoga sessions. Mya takes out her yoga mat with this book and takes us through some “moves.” Leah pretty quickly ends up cozying up in the beanbag with another book, but Mya leads our yoga session and it’s always one of my favorite parts of our mornings together.

A couple weeks ago we met my Mom at a yoga studio and she helped us play document some of our favorite poses. My Mom is conveniently an Iyengar yoga instructor, so we pretty much have it made in the sense that she knows what to do and how to do it the right way. Since I can barely touch my toes, we keep it simple. These are our 5 favorite yoga poses for kids. I made myself look smarter by googling the sanskrit names and including them too:

(Adho mukha svanasana)
This is the one pose that even Leah can do. And it’s also the pose that we would recommend everyone doing every day. Pair it with “Upward Dog” and you’re on the road to stretching success.

As you can tell from Mya’s expression, we don’t hold this pose for very long. But it’s a great balance exercise and always puts a smile on her face. And when she holds it for a couple seconds, she is so proud.

This pose is a bit more challenging than the others, so you can use this video as a guide. (Is it just me, or is the teacher in the video the Mr. Rogers of the yoga world?)

Sometimes if I need Mya to calm down and center herself, I ask her to do this one. She calls it “feet together, hands in the pot.” She can call it whatever she wants. If it helps her be still and not get upset over her llama socks not being laundered yet, then I’m all in.

This pose is bliss. Every Mom needs this in their life. And yes, you just lay flat on the floor. It’s that simple. Palms up, away from your body, legs relaxed, close your eyes. And if you want to help your littles stay grounded, lay some beanbags on their palms.

And always remember to hydrate.

Do you see Mya’s cute athletic pants? She basically lives in this type of clothing in the spring and summer. She’s worn out her Under Armour and Nike ones to no end and we recently came across these purple beauties from JoBea Kids. And she wants to wear them every day… with long socks.

JoBea Kids offers children’s athletic apparel with the little yogini in mind. Miriam, mom and JoBea Kids founder, teaches yoga classes and special events around Kansas City. If you are in the area, check out a list of their scheduled events here. And from now until April 2nd, JoBea Kids is offering 50% off their entire store to all our readers. Just use code madcreative50 at checkout and you’re good to go.

If you’d like us to post more on other kid yoga products that we use and love, just comment below and let us know!

Thank you to JoBea Kids for partnering with us on this post. And thank you to YOU for supporting the brands that make this blog possible.


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    March 26, 2017 at 11:42 PM

    Love your story about the morning send off! Ruby loves yoga too! It’s so calming! CUTE pants!!

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      March 27, 2017 at 10:02 AM

      Thanks, Brittany! Calming for kids, calming for Mamas. Win win!

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    Great nana
    March 27, 2017 at 6:29 PM

    Mya and Lea have the BEST yoga teacher 😍

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