Hoping you all had fun celebrating the Fourth. It’s always a day of over-stimulation, family, and sugar highs. This year, we were at Derek’s sister’s where Mya got to walk chase pigs, shoot off some baby fireworks, and the girls both fell asleep on the drive home at 7 PM. I love how much the girls want to be outside (minus the heat), playing in the dirt, Mya’s fascination for every little bug, and seeing all the cousins play together. Being out in the country, overlooking a vast corn field always warms my heart. We are blessed with a great neighborhood and I could never become a farmer– that would be way too much work! But it would be a dream to someday have a little bit of land for the girls to walk out the back door and open roam.

Something magical that happens on the Fourth every year is that the lilies in our front yard bloom. ON the Fourth of July. It’s so bizarre, but my analogical and optimistic mind says it’s because the future for America is bright and still holds beauty. We just have to keep nurturing it with light and love and She will flourish. There’s some patriotic wisdom for ya’. Insert Derek’s eye roll here. 😉


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