Here’s the beauty of a fairy garden: You really can’t mess it up. (Leah’s tried.) Your toddler can basically be in charge of what they do with it and there’s minimal maintenance. We threw two fairy pots together in the Spring and the girls still get enjoyment out of them. I didn’t anticipate the girls to voluntarily nurture and tend to them as they do, but it’s been a pleasant surprise on our many backyard days. Even if they’re just rearranging rocks, trading items from pot to pot, watering, or making mounds of mulch– it’s an activity that is easy, interactive, and keeps them somewhat stationary. Which translates to me sitting nearby, watching them create something they believe to be so magical.

Since these pictures in April, here are some different things we’ve included in our fairy gardens:

Painted ceramic fairy house

from local pottery place


DIY concrete stepping stone

(like this one from any hobby store)


DIY fairy garden set

(like this one)


Glass pebbles for stepping stones

(like these from the pet store’s fish tank aisle)


Painted rocks


I’m no gardener– we’ve had to replace two of the four plants because they didn’t do well in the sun. So the only real tip I have is to cover the top layer of dirt with some mulch. At first we just had the dirt exposed and it packed down a lot and things got muddy fast. Adding mulch to the top solved that little issue. And here they are today, evolved since the Spring and thriving because Mya remembers to water and care for them. Because– let’s be real– we can just credit Leah to digging holes and throwing rocks.

It seems as though I’m just sharing our fairy garden adventure because the girls have gotten a lot more enjoyment out of them than I ever thought they would. These little gardens will carry through the colder months– some pumpkins for the fall and now we have a place for Mya’s leaf, rock, and twig collecting throughout the whole year. Also sharing because these are the kinds of things that I take seriously at this point in my life… fairy gardens. 😉


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    Beth Pechacek
    July 18, 2017 at 7:43 AM

    Thanks for sharing. You are a great mom and soooooo creative!

    • Reply
      November 8, 2017 at 1:35 PM

      Thank you, Beth! Love hearing that we’re following your ways of two girls and a boy!

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