We hope you (or if you’re a dude– your “baby mama”) had a beautiful Mothers’ Day. And now Fathers’ Day is right around the corner: June 15th. Here are some gift ideas that the men in our family have tried, tested, and approved!


1. Cocoon GRID-IT organization system. Comes in a variety of sizes. My Dad is THE gadget guy, so he has a lot of cords and techie thingamajigs. I got this for him a couple years ago and he thought it was pretty sweet. He has it attached it to his car console. $12

2. The Buffer Bit car/ shoe shining kit. (As seen on Shark Tank!) Attaches to any cordless drill and doesn’t require any polish. Contains (3) wool buffing pads. I ordered it for my brother and he gave us the following review: “My chrome was already pretty clean, but it seems to work pretty well.” $20

3. Etsy shop Bitsandbadges. This Etsy designer has it figured out. From sports ball cufflinks to lego cufflinks and tie-slides, we are definitely fans! $7+

4. Shutterfly mug. Last year, Derek got this for Father’s Day. He claims it is one of his favorite gifts and uses it everyday at work. $10

5. Tervis Brew Tumbler. My Gramps drinks his water out of this daily. A good, sturdy, keep-it-cool (or hot) drinking vessel. $20

6. Craftsman 12.0V Drill/ Driver. My Dad got this for Derek and we use it all the time. Lightweight, comes with charger, battery, and compact carrying case. It is our go-to drill. $50

7. Craftsman Multi-Bit Screwdriver. Also a gift from my Dad. Autoloading bits makes every project so much easier and faster! $20

8. Bungee Cords. Can’t go wrong with bungee cords. (Prices vary, but you can get a 24-pack of assorted lengths for $9 at Home Depot.)

Hope this makes shopping for the men a little easier. What are some of your favorite guy gifts?

HUGE thanks to these two for a blessed Mothers’ Day weekend… and life.



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