Remember our 0-6 Month Baby Faves? Now we’re on to the next stage: solid foods, sitting upright, mobile mischief, and your bossy backseat driver. Here are some of our favorite tools that helped Mya… and us parents! (Again, no baby experts– Just a Mum + Dad figuring out the best ways to raise our babes, through trial and error!):


1. Chicco D@nce Walker. This got a ton of use. Mya rammed this thing into many walls and other obstacles until she could walk on her own. (But it didn’t mark-up our walls because of the corners’ bumper guards– thank you, Chicco!) It has 3 height options, folds flat, has brake pads that stop the walker from going off steps, a padded seat that can be removed and machine washed, and it even has auxilary output to play tunes on the go! Definitely helped with leg strength and balance. $90

2. Baby Bullet. Once we graduated to some solid foods, a small blender was needed. The Baby Bullet’s storage system worked great for us. Bowls, blades, and cups are top rack dishwasher safe– score! $60

3. Backseat Car Mirror. Every parent needs one of these. We used it the first 6 months too, but it was crucial 6-12 months, as Mya began more clearly demanding communicating exactly what she wanted while we were driving. $15

4. Swim Suit + Goggles. At 6 months, we started taking Mya to the pool at least 2 times/ week. She loved it then and she loves it now– our lil’ water baby. She would watch older kids taking swim lessons and wearing goggles, so she naturally wanted a pair for herself. When we first got them, she wore them around the house for a solid week. Prices vary, but on average… Swim Suit: $15 | Goggles $10

5. OXO Sprout High Chair. This might be a no-brainer for most parents-to-be, but Derek and I didn’t think we needed a separate high chair. We thought, “Eh, we’ll just skip the high-chair and get a booster seat when needed.” Yeah, that would’ve been a very bad idea. #firsttimeparents  Luckily we hit the jackpot and graciously accepted one as a baby shower gift. The OXO Sprout high chair is the bee’s knees. It is extremely easy-to-clean, adapts/ adjusts until your child is 5 yrs old!, requires no tools to alter height, and it looks cool. There are definitely less expensive high chair options that I’m sure work well, but the Sprout is super versatile and has allowed us to bypass the booster seat. $250

6. Glider + Ottoman. I can’t begin to count the hours Mya and I’ve spent in our glider. From 6-12 months, we napped, read, and played on it daily. We have taken Mya’s picture on it each month (which we’ll probably share in 4 months when she’s 2 yrs old– ahh!) Once Mya “outgrows” it, we will move it from her room to ours. It will always be a great reading chair! (Also a gift– thank you, Great Nana + Papa!) Prices vary

7. BOB Running Stroller. We scored with this hand-me-down! Ours is 8 years old, has gotten a ton of use from multiple kids/ parents, and is still holding up like new. The ride is super smooth, absorbing the bumps of bad sidewalks and other rough terrain. $450

8. phil&teds Lobster Chair. This is our portable chair that we take out on trips and it has been super handy. It easily collapses down for compact transport and attaches to any fixed counter/ table. Comes with detachable tray. $80

9. ExerSaucer. This one’s tough because Mya liked it, but if we had to go back and only choose between the ExerSaucer or the walker (#1), we would definitely choose the walker. She used the bouncer quite a bit, but she quickly wanted to be more mobile, so this stage was quickly surpassed. I only wish it folded up for easy storage. Prices vary from $60 – $150

10. Deluxe Shopping Cart Cover. After extensive research, we found that these covers come in various sizes. Since we love us some Costco, we needed a cover that would accommodate their large shopping carts. This one served us well; and the multicolor number print is appropriate for baby girl and baby boy. $28

Phew! Babies have lots of gear. What 6-12 month items aided you and your babes?

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