Everyone familiar with the movie “Tangled” (ie Rapunzel)? Ok, good. Well, when Mya woke up to her “heart attack” on Valentines’ Day, she claimed the “mean lady” came into her room and put the hearts there. Because in “Tangled”, the “mean lady” steals baby Rupunzel from her MamaDada when everyone is sleeping. So yeah, I don’t think the toothfairy’s going to go over very well.


The original plan was to have a bunch of “blue lizards”– currently some of Mya’s imaginary friends, along with a lion that has stinky armpits. But as it turned out, cutting irregular shapes out of thick poster board isn’t a walk in the park! So we cut out some hearts, slapped some painters’ tape to the back and underwent super stealth mode to place them in her room Friday night. 

After we explained we wouldn’t let a mean lady in the house, she thought the “bluuuuue” hearts were pretty great. And she put on her excited face when Dada opened his Stomp Rocket. This will undoubtedly be hours and hours of DadaDaughter entertainment.


Since we cut our “healthier pancakes” into hearts, does that make them “heart healthy”? … One can dream, right?!


Derek enjoyed a “stud muffin,” which I tried to photograph, but Mya’s belly kept getting in the way.


I made Mya recreate a photo circa 1987 with me. Yup, that’s the same red sweater that I wore when I was 2!



Mya loved her new finger stamp kit.


We had lots of lovey dovey reading time.


Valentines from family and friends.


And, of course, matching tattoos.


Hope your weekend was full of love and light! What did you do to celebrate the ones you love?

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    Great nana
    February 17, 2015 at 1:28 PM

    Mya has quite the imagination looks like you had a special heart day:-)

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