Today marks five years for us as a husband and wife team (8 years as an item). I can’t believe how lucky I am to have met the man they call Derek. And what better way to commemorate this than a pet tag! Ohmygoodness, as I typed that last sentence, I realize how lame it sounds. But if I say Mya helped make it, then he’ll cherish it forever, right?


I got this idea from my Mom. She used to make these for me and my brother as backpack zipper pulls and luggage tags. Her approach was a bit more practical because she included our name or phone number or address, but I went for impractical and just engraved lovey dovey stuff. I thought she had a clever take on things and it’s a lot less expensive than going to an engraver. I didn’t have to ask Mya twice to go to the “fishy kitty store” — aka PetSmart. Bass Pro Shop is just “fishy store.” Do not mistake them!


If you’re attempting to do this with a toddler, might I suggest to have an idea of what you want engraved before you go. I had jotted some things down, but I didn’t know how many characters were allowed on each line, so I kinda had to make it up as she was wiggling around in my arms and punching characters of her own on the screen.


Once we got the message down, she thought the engraving part was pretty cool. And she waited patiently. Yes, I took pictures of the process because I’m a big nerd.


I don’t know if Derek will put this on his keychain. Unlike me, he keeps his pretty neat and free of store reward cards. But maybe he’ll throw it on his briefcase or luggage. Nothing says “I’m a professional” like “Fluffers!”

Fluffers [fluhf-fers] (v)– an act of love that our family of three do with our hands… kinda like a handshake with spirit fingers. totally normal.


I guess I strayed from Hallmark’s traditional Anniversary gift for 5 years: wood. But Derek didn’t because he’s getting me 2x4s (and drywall) to finish out part of the basement! Last year we were a bit more romantic with our anniversary plans. But I’m equally excited for what the weekend holds for us this time around. We’re finally going to have concealed storage underneath the basement stairs! Can I get a “whoop whoop?!” Mya is at NanaPapa’s for the weekend while Derek and I tackle the project. Wish us luck!

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    March 13, 2015 at 10:44 PM

    Happy Anniversary!! What a fun idea! I will definitely have to keep it in the memory banks! 🙂

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