Teaming up for a home construction project probably isn’t the way most couples envision celebrating an anniversary together, but we have never been too concerned about doing things the conventional way. Life is pretty sweet with Ashley, and seeing her excitement to break out the power tools and learn some construction basics together is just another item in the long list of reasons why. To get things started, and especially since we’re rookies in this business, we wanted to get a good plan in place before we tackled this project. After some quick reading on the right way to build a wall, it was back to SketchUp to design our closet. On top of giving us a visual of what our completed project would look like, it helped get an accurate materials list together.


Phase one is framing the closet. Luckily, a good portion of one wall was already done so aside from some creative solutions to work around some drain pipes and support posts/beams, things were pretty straight forward.

SUdrywallPhase two is hanging the drywall and doing the finish work. The bump out inside the closet door will give us a nice place to stash our Christmas tree. For the inset area on the outside of the closet, we’d like to put in some storage cabinets and mount a TV for a nice cool spot to relax when the weather gets hot.

SUexistingWe have been talking about taking on this project for at least a couple of years now, so we were excited to get things underway last weekend. Before we move into framing the closet, let’s set the stage with our starting point.

BeforeDoorNo matter how hard we try to minimize clutter, it’s an uphill battle when it is all out in the open.

BeforePipeI think it is safe to say Mya’s cousins are keeping her play rooms well stocked with toys – it may be time to help her learn an appreciation for giving.

PrepDoorWith some clutter cleared out – things are looking better.

PrepPipe Hopefully a well organized storage closet will keep things looking nice and tidy in the rest of the basement.

BagsPackedTo try to help us get as much done as possible over the weekend, Mya told us “I’m going to stay with my friends.” She didn’t look too disappointed to have a weekend away at Nana and Papa’s house.

As always, things went a little slower than we hoped, so we didn’t get everything finished over the weekend. The framing is done and drywall is underway, so we’ll be back soon with some more updates on our progress.


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