Mya’s current go-to song to sing by herself is the ABCs. And if you try to sing along with her, you’ll get “Stop. I sing it myself.” And her favorite letter is “H.” I don’t know why. But up until the point of her very adamant alphabet independence, we used some fun learning tools to get the ball rolling. There are countless other alphabet toys than the ones we use, but these work for us… or I just think they’re cool.


1. Magnets. Everyone’s seen the plastic multi-colored alphabet magnets.  But spray-painting them all one color is a new spin on things. And it would make your fridge seem a little less cluttered, right?

2. ABC book by Charley Harper. Mya has loved this book forever. We have explored many other alphabet books that have been great too, but this one is her number one. If you’re looking for a fun baby gift, this is definitely one of my go-tos!

3. Leap Frog Phonics. One of Mya’s little friends had this at their house and I thought it was a pretty good idea. So far, Mya hasn’t been super keen on participating, but I figure it will be good to identify individual letters.

4. Boogie Board. I doubt most use this for alphabet games. But it’s essentially a modern magnetic drawing board; and we all had those as kids. And the stylus makes it easier to write crisp lines.

5. Bath Letters (+ Numbers). Sometimes old school is the new school.

6. “Tooling Around” art.  How cute would this be to create for a little boy’s room?!– take a pic of it, frame it, and hang it up?! (Not that girls can’t be into tools too! Lord knows I love me a good power tool.)

7. Poster. I always said I’d make an alphabet poster for the playroom. And maybe I still will. This one would be super easy to create and the “I heart U” is super sweet.

8. Wall decals. I’ve never purchased wall decals. (We have textured walls and I don’t know how well they would stick.) But if I ever do, they would probably be these and I would cover a whole wall with them. How fun.

The learning tool that we haven’t really explored is an app. We’ve browsed for some, but recommendations would be awesome! What apps have been good teaching tools for your kiddos?

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