Mya turns 3 in less than a month and she definitely has more opinions in the party planning than the past two birthdays. Whenever I drop her off at preschool, she usually has a request, such as “Please get me chocolate milk and applesauce at the store.” But recently, the requests have been centered around her blue sparkly birthday party theme: “I think I need a blue sparkly bow for my party” or “I want all my friends to dance with me” or “We’re going to paint at my party… but don’t worry, we won’t make a mess” or “Everyone will wear blue!” So yeah. She definitely has inputed some ideas and I love how she’s so into it. I’m also pumped as to the ease of planning a one color themed party!


We have a dress similar to this one from Hanna Andersson. Mya will most likely want to wear her blue cinderella shoes for dancing (if any at all). And apparently I need to land a sparkly blue bow for her big day!

2 | FOOD
Think unhealthy sugar high. Sure, we’ll have some blueberries (they might just be in muffins!), but the table will most likely be covered in shades of blue sweets. The party’s at 3:00, so I guess we can get away with it– sorry parents! Maybe we’ll need a festive blue cocktail for the adults to balance out the chaos!

Mya and I went to Party City to order her balloons yesterday. Everything that she saw there that was blue, she thought she needed for her party. We didn’t get most of it though because I think we can throw a lot of it together with some blue paper and already owned items. I mean it can’t get much simpler than “the color blue” as a party theme, right?

4 | PLAY
We will be dancing and painting (and wearing the color blue)… as stated on her invites! A couple weeks ago, we had her pictures taken and they turned out super cute. She always hams it up for the camera and I know she’ll put on a pretty good show at her party too. I can’t believe my baby girl is almost a threenager! She lights up our world and I love every moment of every day because of her.



But first we will celebrate Derek! His (30th!) birthday is even sooner– next week– and even though we might not be decorating with a theme, Mya and I have some tricks up our sleeves for the main man in our life.

Oh… and in the spirit of “blue”… GO ROYALS!

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    Great nana
    October 21, 2015 at 6:36 PM

    she is a little ham. You were too at her age. You taught her well

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