On Monday night, my Mama mind blipped and I thought Mya’s Valentines’ Day party was the next morning. Last year we used crayons to make valentines and it was inexpensive and fun. So I did what every other Mom-in-a-jam would do and got on pinterest, specifically searching for a crayon craft. Mya and I raced around the house gathering the needed supplies and I think they turned out pretty cute. And Mya is proud of them which is all that matters to me!


white poster board
black sharpie marker
red paper
painters’ tape
stickers (optional)

Since it was a mad scramble to get these done Monday night, I didn’t take any process pics, but they’re pretty self explanatory. Mya did most of the steps, so if a three year old can do it, you too can lead the way for your little one.


Mya likes using scissors, so she fringed the red paper edges. She must know that fringe is so in right now. ;P


But my favorite part of the project is her name… that she wrote on each one by herself. In some cases, the letters are not in order and spell “M A Y” or the “Y” looks more like an “I”, but watching her carefully write each letter made me one adoring Mamacita. She kept saying how much her friends were going to like them and asked if she could have one to color too.



We packed them up and took them to school on Tuesday; but as it turned out, the Valentines’ party isn’t until tomorrow morning. Monday night’s mad dash was a bit premature. I’d like to say that I was totally prepared a couple days ahead of time, but that was definitely not the case. Sometimes I guess the best little projects are not planned.

Also for the past couple weeks– whenever I need Mya to “keep busy” or distract her with a good do-it-yourself project– she’s been working on Valentines’ for friends and family. We picked up a $5 paper/ felt/ jewel heart kit from Target and with some paper and markers, these Valentine’s have been super fun too. Each one is so unique from all the rest– with a “cat” or a “snowman” or “rain.” She had a story for each one and I just love this girl’s imagination!


Can you spot the sleeping baby?!


“Look Mama! It’s a heart and now it’s a cat!”


So focused…


And her heart nails… Today she wanted us to have “sparkly pink heart nails that are matching,” so this happened.


Hope you too are having fun spreading love! “Happy Valentines’ week”… because that’s a thing.

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