We’re spring cleaning over here. Mya loves cleaning and organizing (and I’m hoping this continues until… forever.) Her most recent job is going through all her little things in her room and deciding what she wants to donate. Sometimes she’ll come across something and says, “I don’t really like this anymore. Let’s give it to baby Leah.” So thoughtful– pawning off what she deems as junk to her lil’ sister. (Insert eye roll here.) But she seems genuinely thoughtful when she says it, so we’ll go with it!

As we’ve been spending our rainy days decluttering in the girls’ rooms, it got me thinking about what I would love to do in their rooms in five or so years. The girls’ rooms are considered “finished” for now and their rooms are some of my favorite spaces in our home. But if I didn’t have a budget, their whimsical, yet sophisticated spaces would look a lot differently. One of the elements that I looooove seeing in kids’ rooms is a bold and bright accent wall. If there’s any space in the home to apply something so graphic, I’d say this is the place to do it. And since my feminine side is rejoicing everyday with two little girls, I would definitely go with some large scale florals.


1 | 2 | 3 | 4

I feel as though there are a few guidelines when using graphic walls. From my vast research (ha!), I’ve gathered a few common ground rules:

A. Pick the featured wall wisely. We can’t see the entire layout of the rooms from any of these pictures, but you can still tell that the designers thoughtfully chose each accent wall. Take #3’s soft pink florals for instance: Having the graphics on the window wall, draws your attention to the natural light. It also softens the bright light coming in through the window.

B. Define your graphic scale. For smaller spaces, use larger graphics. For larger spaces, use smaller graphics. This seems backwards, right? But nay. If you have small graphics in a small room, the room seems more cluttered because there is so much imagery in a little area. And oppositely, if you have large graphics in a large room with high ceilings, the graphic becomes too overpowering.

C. Keep the other walls plain. Since you’re already creating such a visual impact with your one graphic wall, keep all other walls simple– a light, warm grey or taupe or white. But if you do go for a darker color (see #4), make sure you have ample natural light and your room is larger.

D. Have fun! Go bold or go home. It’s just paint. As Derek painfully knows, your wifey can paint the same room three times in a year. It happens.


5 | 6 | 7 | 8

It was definitely hard picking just 8 samples from the so many great ideas out there. If you want to browse some more, you can check out our Kid Decor board on Pinterest. Hope these little tips help you plan your next kid room reno! And when you paint that graphic wall, I want to see the pics!

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