Thanks for everyone’s input on the last post regarding our family travels. Since then, we decided that the trip to Estes next month seemed more appealing to fly 1 hr as opposed to a 10 hr drive. Duh, right? So the flights are booked and the VRBO is reserved. We’re basically already there. 😉 The thought of minimal cleaning (oh, and quality time with my loves, of course) has me counting down the days. But now let’s talk about something else I’ve been pretty giddy about: my new phone case from Case Station.

I’m not a techie person, seldom wear a watch, and lose my phone daily. So getting me a tech-related gift for Mothers’ Day wouldn’t normally score the hubby many points. Until now. Recently, we each got a phone case from Case Station and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the design, quality and durability. In the world of a billion different phone cases, I wanted something personal and practical. “Personal” meaning I wanted the imagery to mean something to me. “Practical” meaning “when the girls I (who am I kidding?) drop it daily, it will hold up and prevent injury to my phone.” Here is why we think Case Station is a step above the rest in creating the perfect personalized phone case:


From 9 different options of iPhone devices… to 12 different Samsung Galaxy cases… to Notebook folios and soon the iPhone watch band, it pretty much guarantees they will have a case to fit your device.


We have iPhone 7’s and just within that model of phone, Case Station offers SEVEN options for product cases: Tough, Snap, Nano Custom Shell, Nano, Folio, Clear, and BakPak 2. I chose “Tough” for “extra durability” because… kids. It is super sleek and secure. There’s no way my phone is popping out of that baby. Derek chose “BakPak 2” which opens up to store 2 cards or cash. He sometimes opts to forego taking a wallet and just takes his case with ID and credit card. (Seems super convenient for days at the park or quick trips into the store!) Certain cases offer a “gloss” or “matte” finish. If you have a choice, I recommend the “matte.”


Sometimes the thought of designing your own case or uploading photos can be daunting and time consuming. But Case Station even makes this dreaded part super easy. You can upload your feed from Instagram or Facebook and you instantly have entire albums of curated photos. I seriously made my case in 10 minutes. And I’m the queen of indecisiveness. But dragging and dropping the pictures from my Instagram was easy and enjoyable.


Case Station also offers a myriad of their own art and collabs with artists. Some of my favorite designs are “Exploracion del Negro” by Beatriz Chamussy and “Flowery” by MU Studio. It makes me want to create another case with Mya’s original art on it. Which is going to have to happen.


On top of any design, you can add text. Derek added his initials, but this could be an awesome opportunity to include your favorite quote, company name, or “If lost, please call your number here.” (Joking. Because it’s on your phone. Get it? I know. I’m hilarious.)

The result is a creative, unique case all your own. What Mom would love anything with their kids pictures splattered all over it?! Answer: every Mom everywhere. And in the end, it should all come back to things that make you happy. My bliss is when both girls are sitting on my lap… that is, when Leah isn’t pulling Mya’s hair and Mya isn’t moving every two seconds to find a comfy spot. And many times, to accomplish this state of mind, the phone is in hand and we shuffle through photos. So thank you, Case Station, for adding to my bliss.

From now through Friday April 28th, Case Station is offering 20% off their entire site to our readers. Just use MADCREATIVE20 at checkout. Have fun creating!

Also… obligatory new phone case selfie:

Thank you to Case Station for partnering with us on this post.

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