Being a “Mom” doesn’t totally define me, but let’s be real: I’m drawn to things that label me as a Mom because it’s what I live for. I swoon over pretty, yet practical products, entertainment is centered around watching my kids dance in the living room, and I wear a backpack for a purse. So yeah. The mom game is strong over here. Moms’ Day is just around the corner and I wanted to throw another gift guide together of some current functional faves:

Grateful sweatshirt | Floral picnic blanket | Gardening tools | Phone case | Kitchen shears | Lip treatment | LOVE tote | Foam curlers | Swaddle blanket

Grateful sweatshirt. Because “grateful” is what defines every Mama.

Floral picnic blanket. This thing is awesome– it folds up to become its own carrying case with handle and is so easy to wipe clean. Unfortunately, the floral version of this is sold out for now, but there are two other options available.

Gardening tools. Last year Derek and Mya went to a local nursery and picked out flowers for us to plant together on Mothers’ Day. I loved it– a perfect activity to do with the girls on my special day. I did not, however, love our gardening tools which were most likely the cheapest set I could find and have broke off their handles time and time again. Due for a good set.

Phone case. REMINDER!: Only TWO days left to snag a phone case for 20% off at Case Station. Just use code MADCREATIVE20 at checkout (through this Friday the 28th.) I’m in love with my customized one. You will be more than satisfied with the quality and durability of these cases.

Kitchen shears. A couple years ago, I went to a Pampered Chef party hosted at a neighbors. The luring of free food and some “Mama time” seemed pretty appealing. Low and behold I ordered these babies and I use them multiple times a week– hands down the best kitchen shears I’ve ever owned.

Lip treatment. Every year, Derek buys me kitchen towels and chapstick. Don’t ask me why. But this is one of my faves and on the cheap.

LOVE tote. Rifle Paper Co. and LeSportsac just released a new line and you can’t go wrong with any of it.

Foam curlers. Did you see these on Shark Tank? It might be the answer to effortless Victoria Secret hair. Because anyone that’s ever met me knows that my hair is either in a pony or top knot. But wrapping my wet hair around these babies before bed seems pretty feasible.

Swaddle blanket. Yes, these are baby swaddles. But my babies never stayed swaddled, so we use them as little blankets and wraps. I even like taking one for myself on plane trips because they’re light, but warm.

Ok, what did I forget? Homemade cards? Yes, those are obviously the best. Anything with the girls’ smudgy hand or fingerprints will release the sentimental, happy tears and be saved forever. But what else are you Mamas hoping to do with your littles on your special day? We would love to know!


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